Many people would not know if their web host were a reseller or the owner of a server. When a person is in a reseller hosting program there are few ways that an observer would be able to discern if they were an owner or reseller. The reseller is using bandwidth and disk space that has been purchased in bulk from a server owner.

Many business participate in reseller hosting. An individual who needs more bandwidth and disk space than an average person can save money participating in this type of program. Individuals who have businesses which offer web hosting as an enhancement of their services, often are participating in a reseller program.

A person who has several domains may want to keep them in one account. To do this they can enter reseller hosting and have all of their domains in one account instead of paying for separate accounts for each domain. An individual with a very popular domain for forum may need the extra disk space and find that reseller hosting is cost effective. A person who wants to start a web hosting company may enter a reseller program. Or, a web hosting company that is expanding but is not large enough for a server may participate in a reseller program.

Most server owners offer different levels of service for different prices. The prices however are all less than what most people pay for an individual web hosting account. When the person enters the program they are free to develop their own service and price plans. These can differ greatly from the server owner.

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