That time of calendar year is after again on us! The warm temperature and blue skies have our canine begging to be outdoor to bask in the sun. Ah, summer – how we like it! (As do our pet dogs).

Unfortunately, that warm temperature and people blue skies carry something else with them – fleas. They’re a menace to our dogs’ ease and comfort and can wreck havoc on our residences. You know that they are bothersome, irritating, agonizing, and incredibly hard to get rid of. But did you know that fleas also pose substantial health and fitness pitfalls?

There are a massive share of dogs who are allergic to the saliva of fleas. When bitten by a flea, instead of merely scratching the place to alleviate the troublesome itch – a pet dog with Flea Allergy Dermatitis will dig at, lick, bite and chew the area which has additional than likely by now welted and is very irritated. This can final result in extreme shedding of fur, agonizing skin complications, and infection.

Here’s a little something that a great deal of entrepreneurs of pet dogs and puppies have no notion about. Fleas are parasite carriers! And, not just any parasite the Tapeworm parasite. Contaminated fleas – as they scurry as a result of your puppies fur, run laps on his skin, and sink their little tooth in to lead to itching – are then ingested by your pet dog or puppy as they groom by themselves. A Tapeworm infection is no laughing make a difference either! If you notice your puppy is lethargic, losing body weight, vomiting, has diarrhea, and just all all around is not on the lookout proper, you may want to get him to the vet as shortly as doable. Tapeworm eggs will be passed as a result of his feces and into your property the place he ‘does his business’ so can very easily be transmitted to you or your children if not taken treatment of suitable absent!

In the additional scarce instances, fleas can also be carriers of some awfully horrible ailments this kind of as typhoid and plague. The existence of these tiny devils definitely shouldn’t be taken flippantly!

When we ship our puppies to you – and it doesn’t issue if it truly is the brief hair English Bulldog Puppies or the longer hair Yorkie Puppies – we be certain that your new puppy dog is one hundred% flea-free!
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Remember to assist guarantee your new tiny male or girl stays this way by producing an appointment with your vet appropriate away and starting program remedy of a flea and tick preventative this kind of as Frontline, Advantage or K-nine Advantix.

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